1. username = first name and last initial (example: AshleyT)

2. default password = Welcome1**

3. save password and enable autofill in your phone settings.

check your appointment calendar & view/take SOAP notes


1. Be on work wifi

2. sign into Meevo

3. sign into time clock page as well

Always clock in 15 minutes prior to the listed time - even if you don't see an appointment booked. 9am - 2pm = 8:45am clock in and 2pm - 9pm = 1:45pm clock in.

Two weeks notice = automatic approval!

1. submit form at www.northparkmassage.com/staffscheduling

2. post in slack mtshift_available channel and tag Ashley

3. verify you've been taken off Meevo

Less than 2 week notice = not automatically approved = must find coverage before you'll be taken off meevo.

Edit notifications on specific Slack channels