Massage therapists are the hearts and souls of our business! Our goal as a business is to build long term relationships with our guests so the ability to establish a healthy, productive, and professional client / therapist relationship has to be a top priority everyday. Our ideal therapists are calm multi-taskers with 'spa-voices' and 'spa-vibes', who have impeccable time management and are able to use critical thinking and self reliance to customize and elevate each client interaction. We like to imagine that each guest is a family member of ours and give them the same customer service we'd give to our significant other's grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, brother, sister, etc.

All of our therapists are employees. That means they commit to a set schedule every week, are paid even if not booked, and we provide all their supplies and equipment. We value your time and skills. We believe that therapists should be allowed to shine as professional healers so we’ve created an environment where therapists can focus solely on being and becoming the best version of themselves.



Provide excellent customer service.
Commit to a set schedule - must be reliable and punctual.
Build positive and lasting relationships with guests.
Use critical thinking and problem solving skills, in the moment and retroactively.
Ability to work with minimal supervision.
Customize every single massage based on info gathered verbally and non-verbally.
Advanced skills in multiple massage modalities


$25/hour when requested, $20/hour when not requested, and $12/hour if not booked.

To apply please submit your resume via email