Massage Science Employee virtual Handbook



Q. What's my schedule?

A. Please check Meevo. It’s your job to ensure your schedule is accurate.

Q. Do I have to show up if I’m not booked?

A. Yes - unless otherwise notified by management. See handbook section 4.2 for rules.

Q. If I’m not booked can I leave early?

A. No - unless otherwise notified by management. See handbook section 4.2 for rules.

Q. How do I change my permanent schedule?

A. First submit the “schedule change request” then message Ashley on Slack.

Q. How do I take breaks?

A. See handbook section 3.3 for break rules. Check meevo for assigned breaks. If you need a break and you don’t have one tell the receptionist.

Q. What if I forgot to clock in or clock out?

A. Make a note of the correction you need in the correct “time card adjustments” channel.

Q. How do I take a sick day or vacation time?

A. Post a message in the Slack “mt shifts available” channel. If you can work out coverage then tag @ashley once its settled. You are expected to find your own coverage or “make up” a similar shift within 30 days. Also submit the “schedule change request” form for vacation requests.

Q. How do I use PTO?

A. Request it in the Slack “payroll” channel. Your PTO bank is listed on your paystub which is emailed to you. See handbook section 6.3 for rules.

Q. How is my pay calculated?

A. All staff will be paid the current minimum for every hour they are on the clock. Additional pay is determined in your contract. Please ask your manager for clarification and see handbook section 3 for more info.

Q. What if there is a service I don’t want to do?

A. Talk to Linda. We’ll never assign you a service that you are not approved to do.

Q. Where can I find service protocols?

A. Ask the manager for our protocol notebook, or search in Slack.

Q. What if I get an inappropriate client?

A. Leave the room immediately and tell the front desk!

Q. What do I do when I’m not booked?

A. If you’re not booked then the front desk may allow you to stay on the clock, if so then you’ll be assigned tasks by the front desk. The front desk may also send you on a break or send you home. See handbook section 3.4 for reporting time pay rules.

Q. Do I have to use the intake form?

A. Yes - the intake form will save you time and ensure you cover all the important info!

Q. Do I have to take SOAP notes?

A. Yes - you may take notes during schedule gaps or at the end of each shift as long as you don’t go more than 15 minutes past your scheduled end time.

Q. Do I have to use Slack?

A. Yes - and you must check it often. Slack is our official channel for work communications. You will not receive notices or updates via email, phone, or text.

Q. Is there a uniform?

A. We have a work shirt. You’ll receive 2 after you’re hired. Pants and shoes are up to you as long as they are clean and professional. You may be barefoot during a massage, but shoes are required outside of the massage room. Nails must be short and clean. Hair must be off the face and shoulders. Makeup if worn should be neutral. Breathe and body oder should not be noticeable. Personal hygiene is of great importance in massage so you may be asked to tidy-up before being allowed to work. See handbook section 4.4 for rules.