Massage FAQ 


Q: What style massage can I get?

A: We consider our massages customized. We have 13 therapists, male and female, and they all have a unique blend of techniques. If you’re looking for a particular style please call or use the web chat and our staff will help you determine the therapists best suited to your needs.


Q: What Should I Expect?

A: Your therapist will greet you in the office and bring you to the treatment room. They’ll ask you a few quick questions to determine the best style and pressure for your massage and give you instructions about undressing. They’ll leave the room for a couple minutes while you get comfortable on the table.


Q: How Long Is The Massage?

A: The massage time doesn’t start until the therapist returns to the room. If they starts the massage late by their own fault they will extend the massage time to make it up. If the client arrives a couple minutes late we will do our best to add a few minutes to the massage, but we may not be able to give the full time if it would cut into the next guest’s massage time.