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My therapist began the massage on time
My therapist spent adequate time before the massage to determine my requests
My therapist explained where to place my belongings
My therapist clearly explained the disrobing procedure
The massage table was well made and the room was clean
The room was a comfortable temperature
My therapist used appropriate pressure
The sheets felt tight and secure in each position
My therapist customized the massage to my requests
My therapist offered me a hot towel and water after the massage
After the massage, my therapist: checked on how I felt
After the massage, my therapist: explained what they worked on
After the massage, my therapist: offered advice on exercises, stretches, and additional massages (as needed)
After the massage, my therapist: offered to schedule my next appointment
My therapist ended the massage on time
I enjoyed my experience at North Park Massage
I will return to North Park Massage
I would refer a friend to North Park Massage