Add a little something extra to your massage!

These do not add additional time - enhancements are incorporated into the flow and time of your massage treatment.


You’ll choose the scent when you arrive to the appointment - it’ll be mixed with the massage cream and used during the service.



A type of deep tissue massage. We use a small, round, plastic ‘cup’ to create suction on tight muscles and knots. It will leave a small purple/brown circle on the skin - the mark is not a bruise, but rather a result of the suction. This add on is good for people who have tight and dense knots.


Foot Scrub + Massage $5

At the end of your massage the therapist will scrub your feet then wipe them clean with warm towels. She’ll finish with a hydrating foot massage cream.


Hot Stones $5

Gently warmed stones are used during the entire service, in combination with hands-on massage. Hot stones are very relaxing and pair very well with Swedish style massage.


Hypervolt: targeted herbal deep tissue $10

This is the perfect add on for someone who has a big mean knot that need extra focus. Your massage therapist will use The Hypervolt: a state-of-the-art percussion massage device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility.



Contains NO THC - you will not get high! It does contain menthol and has an immediately cooling effect. CBD is known to have many benefits, one of which is pain relief.


Korean Sheet Mask + Face Massage $10

Near the end of your massage the therapist will apply a Korean style sheet mask to your face. The mask contains beneficial serums which soak into the skin, for about 15 minutes, while the therapist continues with your neck / upper body massage. She will then remove the mask and perform a face massage that helps work the serum deep into the skin. You’ll leave with dewy glowing skin!


Headache Treatment $5

Near the end of your service the therapist will massage your head, neck, and temples with doTERRA Deep Blue: a cooling cream known to relieve tension and clear the sinuses.