Membership Rate Increase

Hello Members!

Our business is growing - On April 16th we opened 2 new rooms!

As the business expands, we will continue to seek out the best massage therapist talent in San Diego. We had considered moving to a more affordable location, but ultimately decided that our current office offers more convenience, accessibility, and comfort.

The rate adjustment will go towards compensating our talented therapists and maintaining our current location.

  • On May 1st the rate will increase for regular (non-member) massages.
  • On July 1st the membership rates will increase.

Thank you for your continued support! 

Current Member Rates:
30 Minutes $35
1 Hour $63
1.5 Hour $89
2 Hours $126

New Member Rates: (July 1st)
30 minutes $36
1 Hour $67
1.5 Hour $99
2 Hour $135