Certified Therapist | Owner

She graduated in 2010 from one of the Nation's most respected massage schools and has provided therapeutic massage in elite spas, chiropractic offices, and health centers throughout San Diego. She is an expert in her field who specializes in precision massage blends for pain management and injury recovery with an emphasis in deep tissue and trigger point release. Her calming attitude and intuitive senses enable her to customize each massage with the client's therapy goals and comfort as primary priorities.




Certified Therapist | Lead Therapist 

Cathryn has been a massage therapist in a clinical setting for over 5 years. She has a deep, yet relaxing, blend of techniques that can work out even the most stubborn knots and still leave you feeling refreshed. Her experience and precise massage methods provide each client with a customized solution oriented massage. She works 9 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday.



Certified Therapist

Elise has been a licensed therapist for over 5 years. She has worked primarily in private practice and clinical settings such as chiropractic offices and health centers. Her massages are precise, solution oriented, and problem solving. She is available to perform customized and medical massages that combine a vast array of modalities.




Certified Therapist

Priscella has a passion for therapeutic massage. She customizes each session through the application of her knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Priscella is a California native and master of her own uniquely flowing style of neuromuscular therapy.




Certified Therapist

Jasmine believes massage is essential to nourish our bodies. She is knowledgeable, intuitive, powerful, and is even a certified EMT! She approaches massage through Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Clinical Techniques & Sensory Repatterining.  



Certified Therapist

Cheyenne is an easy going therapist who customizes all of her massages based on her clients needs, activities, and requests. She uses deep tissue, Swedish, and clinical techniques to work out even the toughest knots! 



Certified Therapist

Joanne holds a bachelor's of science in Kinesiology has been a massage therapist for over 5 years. She has perfected the art of yoga and relaxing therapeutic massage treatments. Helping clients is her life long passion. Joanne's sweet and personable nature make every session just right!



Certified Therapist | Acupuncture Candidate

Paris is a certified massage therapist who wants to help her clients reach optimal health and wellness. It is important for her to constantly learn and practice aspects of integrated medicine and to continually broaden her knowledge in order to give unique massage and treatment plans for each client.

She is currently a candidate for a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM).


Certified Therapist

Zara has been working in clinical massage since 2010. She honed her skills in the chiropractic and injury recovery setting. She is a master of her trade. Zara, a California native, is intuitive, compassionate, and effective. She uses fully customized techniques and her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to assist each client in achieving their goals.


Certified Therapist

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